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Spend less time on audio editing. Edit your shows in the app built with podcasts in mind.
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3, 2, 1....Hello!

Instant transcription

Generate a transcription while you record to help edit and share your recording.  

Multi track recording

Record yourself and a friend (or five) with one device. Just hook up your microphones and go.

Import recordings

Add recordings from any source to your composition. Perfect when you host a remote podcast.


Transcription powered editing

Edit audio like text

Use your free transcription to find topics, sections and mistakes. Move or remove sections as you would any text.
A slightly askew image showing the delete buttonA transcript which says ""Hey Joe, ummm, it's great to be here." The umm is highlighted

Auto enhance audio

Use Sound+ for studio-quality sound in a single click or apply audio effects with adjustable common pre-sets.

Find and replace

Search for words, silences and background noises with smart tools to quickly cut, mute and edit. 
A sneeze detected by Pompom search featureA search result for the word secrete from Pompom's search featureA Low volume result detected by pompom's smart search feature

Trim, split and adjust

Adjust clips, tracks and the whole composition with levels, splicing, keyframes, audio effects and volume fades.
Audit tracks edited in Pompom's timeline view


Get your podcast out in the world

Adjustable designs

Apply standard export settings for popular podcast platforms. Adjust to match your preferences.
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Adjustable designs

Apply standard export settings for popular podcast platforms. Adjust to match your preferences.
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Pick from dozens of templates to share on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.
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Export to the web

Create a sharable webpage version to get pre-release feedback and for listeners without podcast apps. 

Videos in a click

Highlight a memorable moment, pick a template, and get a captioned video to share on social media. 
A macbook pro with an audiogram generated by PompomA popup window with an audiogram in it


Designed for Podcasters.
Built for the Mac.

As a mac native application, Pompom brings the design and performance experiences you expect from your Apple device in an designed exclusively for podcasters, with podcasters. Take advantage of Apple technologies and powerful hardware to edit smart and faster.      
Pompom podcasting studio running on a mac desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone

Native Speed on every device

Pompom runs natively on Macs powered by Apple chips, taking full advantage of their incredible performance.
CoreML logo

Core ML

The time-saving intelligent editing tools in Pompom are powered by Core ML so you get the best machine learning experience on your Apple device.
iCloud logo


Whatever device you are on, your projects and documents will be with you thanks to iCloud sync.
A app icon representing light and dark mode

Light and Dark Appearance

Whether you live in the dark, love the light, or change during the day, Pompom can match your system mode or stick to your particular preference. 
An Apple M1 chip representing Apple Silicon

Apple Chip

Pompom apps are optimized for the latest Apple silicon chips for exceptional power and battery life performance.  
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