Guarantee Great Audio from Every Podcast Guest

We lend your podcast guests an easy to use kit with everything they need to sound great on your podcast along with training materials. Your listeners will never suffer from poor audio again.
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No more terrible recordings

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No commitment.
Low cost.  

If you need to send a kit each week, or one a year, it's no problem. Buy credits and use them when you need them.
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Courier delivered

Our couriers bring and collect each kit all you need to do is send a link.
A video podcasting kit complete with microphone, stand, light, camera and headphones

Easy to use kits that sound great

Even the most inexperienced podcaster will sound great using our kits with USB microphones, stands and headphones as well as instructions for how to setup and use.


Pick your kit

Essential kit

A basic podcasting kit with shure mv7 microphone and headphones
An easy to use kit with everything needed to sound great. Complete with setup instruction and a user guide.

Video podcasting kit

A complete video podcasting kit as part of pompom's audiobox program
Easy to use lighting and video add-ons to make your guest look and sound great.


You send a link.
We send the rest.

All you have to do is buy some credits and send a link to your guest. We take care of managing the rest.

Create an account

Register for an account and top up with credits. Your first kit is 50% off so you can see what it's like.

Send your link

When you have a guest lined up, pick your kit and send them your link. They fill in their address and any other required details.

We ship the kit

We pack the kit you selected and send it your guest at least 3 days before you record so they can set it up and learn the ropes.

Record the show

Now all you have to do is turn up to record. A couple of days later, our courier will come and collect the kit, ready for the next interview.  
Upgrade Your Guests' Audio
Give your listeners the best audio experience every episode
Send Your First Kit for 50% Off
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